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96 Seconds to a Hiaku

Women as a Haiku

She breeds fantasim
With her own protoplasm
Women a Haiku

Changing life’s feeling
While your ego she’s pealing
Like a ripe soft peach

That gets skillet fried
While living the dream alive
Shouting let us dive!

Women a Haiku
Even when we are lied to
In Japanese form

We learn the language
In seventeen syllables
Women a Haiku

women as a Haiku

women as a Haiku

Did you get it??

Posted by: d0nd1 | July 20, 2008

27 Million People Enslaved

I was online searching for a new supplier of caffeine when I fat-fingered the name , casual, and came across an unusual entry named cauzal.  It blended its offering of coffee with a humanitarian twist.  It is said that approximately 50 percent of the worlds population scrapes by on nearly $2.00 a day.  This organization promises to provide the equal of three days wages to those in need when you buy two bags of their coffee.

Now it made me think how much of the donation is that representing?  Well, upon clicking on their address,, I selected “coffee shop” and deduced that you spend $24 and they give up $6.00, so that is a 25% donation as their site promises.  After I explored the cauzal effect tab I was pleased that the NPOs, (non profit organizations), that such a purchase funds, are chosen based on their financial integrity & efficient aid distribution for the worlds 4 global areas of need – AIDS/HIV, Hunger, Human Trafficking and unclean water!

Now since I have only a passing knowledge of how big the human trafficking issue is I searched the web for a few seconds before I was hit with the staggering figure in my title!  27 Million people are enslaved!  I read the story of Manna who was freed from forced prostitution and decided that local coffee houses would have to scratch me off of their lists.  More information is available for those interested in opening their eyes with human trafficking data – along with their caffeine by clicking on

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Get Paid Every Time You Fill up!

Get Paid Every Time You Fill up! I like so many Americans am being gouged by the petroleum suppliers of this world.  Just the other day I decided to spend $63.15 for gas instead of what I could have paid for 15 gallons of E85 and a steak dinner!  Other people that fill up four times a month are making starker decisions like not purchasing a prescription or two when they fill up.  Check to see if Ethanol is 50 cents or even a dollar a gallon cheaper than gas in your area?  Then the math is already calculated for you.

Shopping for gas bargains
We all have seen motorists suddenly switch lanes to buy gas that is 10 cents cheaper per gallon, right?  How many times have you done this exact same thing?  Well mathematically speaking, choosing to convert your car to E85 (85% ethanol and 15% gasoline)  puts you way ahead of this method by 50 cents or even a dollar a gallon!  You also have the option of returning to gasoline if Corn suddenly costs too much money.

Flex-fuel vehicles are designed to run on E85 (85% ethanol and 15% gasoline)  one of the cleanest-burning, renewable fuels available today. You might choose fuel enriched with ethanol at the pump because you know it  costs less money & delivers great engine performance , 100+ Octane, and is gentler on the environment.  Ethanol is a clean, renewable, high performance fuel for your vehicle, and works well in older engines.  Ethanol is a renewable resource produced from American-grown crops. Flexible fuel vehicles are designed to run on E85 (85% ethanol and 15% gasoline).

E85 Flex Fuel Converter Kit Fuel Flex International ,, offers a kit that would apply to my 1999 Jeep Wrangler with a 4.0L inline 6 cylinder.  The FFI PlatinumDigital unit TM with cold start assist is rumored to install in around  8 minutes with a little more to wire tie-down the excess cables for $424.99.  Can you hand me that calculator for a few minutes mate, because I’m very into getting re-paid every time I fill up!

State Incentives to choose E85 Buyers in Illinois pay no sales tax, which brings down the posted price per gallon (tax is included in per-gallon prices for straight gasoline, not added on top of the total).  Individual states have programs including extensive promotional efforts, reduced ethanol blended motor fuel tax rates (North Dakota), motor fuel sales volume credits (Iowa), state infrastructure and production grants and credits, state fleet vehicle and refueling mandates, and flexible fuel vehicle registration and notification programs. The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council produces a regular bi-monthly podcast called “Fill Up, Feel Good, The Illinois Alternate Fuels Rebate Program (Rebate Program) provides a rebate for 80% of the incremental cost of purchasing an AFV (up to $4,000), 80% of the cost federally certified alternative fuel vehicle conversions (up to $4,000), and for the incremental cost of purchasing alternative fuels, Darwin Burkhart – Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Phone (217) 557-1441, Fax (217) 524-710

Conclusion So you save money on every gallon of E85 that you buy, and possibly qualify for a state incentive to do so.  Are you also making a step away from the dominance of the petrolium suppliers of this world?  Taking a stand for the environment and securing some American jobs in the E85 industry?  It all seems so much nobler than being some gasoline bargain-hunting, lane-changing rat-race member, does it not?  How does your economy view this?

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Relax, Your Diamond Wedding Ring Is Here.

I spent what seemed to me a lifetime searching for the right loose diamond for my fiance.  I did not want my selection of diamond to be indecent and fail to steal her heart.   Over the course of a year I educated myself about the 5 C’s. Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight and how they all determine the diamond’s 5th C , which is the cost to you.

I was less than enthused by the brick-and mortar shops that applied more pressure than good advice to me.  I finally had topped-out on these stores that had memorable advertisements but low quality of diamond selection.  I surfed the web in earnest and found one company,, that had a huge assortment of loose diamonds and some reasonable pricing!  Oh-Yeah! My Zimbio
Top Stories

I chose a 1.11 carat D SI1 GIA Certified loose round diamond, with 60.1 depth, 59 table, excellent cut & polish, very good symmetry, no fluorescence and measured 6.68 x 6.64 x 4.00 mm.  All this technical jargon to say when you place it on her finger – the air goes out of everyone as it catches the light and makes her melt!  Hope this helps anyone in a Wedding rush  🙂  Can anyone out there relate a similar experience?

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